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<strong>陳柏宇〈有我</strong><strong> IG Mini Live</strong><strong>〉第二擊</strong> 
Chen Boyu "With Me" IG Mini Live〉Second hit  03/20/2022
Select related works with the theme of thanking the courier, share the anecdote of receiving the goods, 囡囡Abi joins the ranks of singing, and continue to meet the fans' requests. Openly reply to MC Zhang's talent badminton contract […]
<strong>陳柏宇〈有我</strong><strong> IG Mini Live〉</strong><strong>昨晚起逢三、六直播</strong> 
Chen Boyu "With Me" IG Mini Live>Live every Wednesday and Saturday from last night  03/19/2022
Cheering for everyone fighting the epidemic from the air. On the first night, I would like to thank the medical staff. I hope to provide entertainment with singing and laughter to relieve tension and reduce stress. I sing Leslie Cheung’s classic masterpiece. […]
<strong>天生歌</strong><strong>姬</strong><strong>A-Lin睽違四年即將發行全新專輯 </strong> 
Born SongJiA-Lin is about to release a new album after four years   03/10/2022
The love song masterpiece "My Resentment" is released, and it is fully digitally released. The billion-dollar box-office director Yin Zhenhao creates the MV to create a high-profile mini-movie. The best art team of Golden Horse creates a new dark aesthetics. Women should be self-improvement […]
<strong>金曲創作才子韋禮安 生日送驚喜 </strong> 
Wei Li'an, a talented composer of golden songs, sends a surprise on his birthday   03/04/2022
After 7 years, it is decided to stand on the Taipei Arena again in the second half of the year to sing "If I Can" Dominate the chart for 100 days and win the top ten albums of Fengyun singers.