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<strong>不敗女神</strong><strong>Vivian徐若瑄 5/7「VIVILAND」</strong><strong>台北小巨蛋演唱會</strong><strong> </strong><strong>全面揮灑不敗精神</strong> 
Invincible GoddessVivian Xu Ruoxuan 5/7 "VIVILAND"Taipei Arena Concert Unleash the spirit of invincibility  04/07/2022
The beautiful 3D vision is once again invincible. The goddess herself is fighting against herself, symbolizing Vivian's unremitting efforts to surpass herself.
<strong>陳柏宇〈有我</strong><strong> IG Mini Live</strong><strong>〉第五場繼續熱唱</strong><strong> </strong><strong>逾二千人收看</strong> 
Chen Boyu "With Me" IG Mini Live〉The fifth scene continues to sing Over 2,000 people watched  04/02/2022
Attract "Sword God" Zhang Jialang to request songs from abroad, sing "Mr. E's Serial Misadventures" at the request of fans, and add Sing "This is the end" on the spot to express his intentions with songs Chen Boyu (Jason's "With Me IG Mini Live" series […]
Ye Qiaolin (Mischa) with her debut film "Accident" 03/31/2022
Won the Professional Group of "Micro Film "Creation + Production" Support Program (Music)" - Best Actress Gold Award Unforgettable Frozen in the cold to start work Looking at the opponent's costumes, I can only envy one shot shot NG 20 times I am grateful for the team's achievements The winner hopes to hit the big screen again, Ye Qiaolin (M […]
Mischa's hit song "Am I Not Difficult Enough" won three championship songs 03/30/2022
The MV recorded more than one million views on YouTube. I felt encouraged and held "NEVER TOO LATE, MY PATH Mi WAY" last night. I went to the third episode of Album Live to announce the good news to fans and share the most concerned about cat owners in daily life during the epidemic […]