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<strong>小塵埃</strong><strong> (Lil’ Ashes) 2022 </strong><strong>年推出新作〈</strong><strong>finish it don’t quit〉</strong> 
little dust (Lil' Ashes) 2022 New works released infinish it don't quit>  05/20/2022
The song and MV are now available! The conflict between the couple is truly presented, and Jonathan's hero rescues Pollie and wins praise! Dust (Lil' Ashes), following last year's sweet work <Second […]
<strong>天生歌姬</strong><strong>A-Lin</strong><strong>冠軍專輯《</strong><strong>LINK》 </strong><strong>超強催淚主打情歌〈摯友〉</strong><strong>MV 5/11</strong><strong>正式上線</strong> 
born singerA-LinChampion albumLINK》 Super tear jerking title love song "Friends"MV 5/11Officially launched  05/11/2022
The creator of the heavenly king Zhou Xingzhe, the lyricist, Ge Dawei, the natural singer, A-Lin, the three-strong team to manually interpret the best friend who can't fall in love with hundreds of millions of box-office talents, Zeng Jinghua, the leading actor in the MV move[…]
陳柏宇冒雨戶外Live答謝Fans演唱會Blu-ray Boxset大賣                                          強悍歌聲唱出與本地Rapper合作新歌〈墜落〉感覺Rock爆 
Chen Boyu's outdoor Live in the rain to thank the fans for the Blu-ray Boxset's big sale  05/10/2022
In order to thank the outside world for the support of "Chen Boyu Fight For _ Live in Hong Kong Coliseum" 2CDs + Blu-ray Boxset, Jason Chan, especially in the past weekend, held an outdoor […]
<strong>布志綸</strong><strong>Alan Po</strong><strong>本年度首推新作〈飛鳥俠〉</strong> 
Bo ZhilunAlan PoThis year's premiere new work "Birdman"  05/06/2022
New song and MV are now available! Retired superhero returns to defeat evil forces Special film elements MV and 8-frame comics echo before and after the launch of Alan’s robbery is not a joke. […]