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Ou Zilin

Au Zilin (Paula) will officially debut in 2021. Inspired by R&B, Hip Hop and Sao Ling music, her singing voice is unique and full of magnetism. Before her debut, she used to jam songs with a group of like-minded musicians occasionally, and shared cover works on the Internet.

In 2017, during the exchange in France, he accepted the invitation of Sony Music to participate in Phil Lin Yikuang's single "From the World to My Home" as a feature. Later, he became a singer under Sony Music. In 2021, he released his first single "What to be Afraid of", which once entered the top ten of Hong Kong and Taiwan "Chinese Songs Dragon and Tiger Charts". The single "When the Plague Spreads in Love", released in 2022, has a clearer music and image positioning, has received positive responses and has entered the "Best Local Chart" in Xincheng.