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Chen Boyu

Chen Boyu (Jason) debuted in 2007 and has released 16 albums so far. He has been trying to challenge different fields of music, from performance to creation, he dares to seek innovation and change. In the early days of his career, many of his songs were classic love songs, and he performed songs with delicate emotions, so he was named "Prince of Healing Love Songs". In 2017, his first solo concert "Chen Boyu Speechless Concert" was sold out both times, and his exposure spread across various online platforms, achieving unprecedented success. 

Jason 在2020年力求進步,重新學唱歌提升技巧,在他的專輯《53FPS》可一窺他在音質或唱法上的轉變。該專輯更連續2週榮登香港唱片商會(HKRMA)銷售榜冠軍;亦憑主打歌〈感情這回事〉贏得各大頒獎禮的歌曲獎項。 

He will hold the "Chen Boyu Fight For ___ Concert" in the Red Pavilion again in 2021, which has been well received regardless of the theme, song arrangement and live performance. The two songs released in 2022 also topped the pop chart, and the music video (MV) has more than one million views.