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Chen Boyu

Chen Boyu (Jason) debuted in 2007 and has released 16 albums so far. He has been trying to challenge different fields of music, from performance to creation, he dares to seek innovation and change. In the early days of his career, many of his songs were classic love songs, and he performed songs with delicate emotions, so he was named "Prince of Healing Love Songs". In 2017, his first solo concert "Chen Boyu Speechless Concert" was sold out both times, and his exposure spread across various online platforms, achieving unprecedented success. 

Jason is striving to improve in 2020 and re-learning to improve his skills in singing. In his album "53FPS", you can see the transformation of his sound quality or singing style. The album topped the Hong Kong Recording Association (HKRMA) sales chart for two consecutive weeks; it also won song awards at major awards ceremonies with its title song "This Is Love". 

He will hold the "Chen Boyu Fight For ___ Concert" in the Red Pavilion again in 2021, which has been well received regardless of the theme, song arrangement and live performance. The two songs released in 2022 also topped the pop chart, and the music video (MV) has more than one million views.