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Huang Yan

Huang Yan (Cath), a singer-songwriter for Sony Music's OUR Works, was discovered during a busking performance in Taipei. She won newcomer awards at major music awards in 2018, and her fan base has grown fivefold in 2019. Her Mandarin songs also expanded the market in the Greater China region. 

Cath's two albums, "Huang Yan Shuo" and "Nine Traces", were well received, and her two singles "Cracked Wall" and "Before the Sky" brought her a musical breakthrough. In 2021, she held her second solo concert, winning the audience's appreciation with her song arrangement and performance. Her music has been gradually recognized, and she won the Silver Award for "Woza Music Female Singer" at the 2021 Zha Zha Music Pop Chart Awards Ceremony, opening a new page for her music career.