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Chen Boyu "With Me" IG Mini Live>Live every Wednesday and Saturday from last night 
<strong>陳柏宇〈有我</strong><strong> IG Mini Live〉</strong><strong>昨晚起逢三、六直播</strong> 

Cheer for everyone fighting the epidemic Thank you to the medical staff on the first night 

Hope to provide entertainment with singing and laughter to relieve tension and decompress 

Singing Leslie Cheung's classic masterpieces, fans sing High and overtime performance 

The epidemic situation in Hong Kong is still severe. The medical staff and the public have been fighting the epidemic for a long time, and they are both physically and mentally distressed. Seeing this, Chen Boyu (Jason) decided to hold the "With Me IG Mini Live", and since last night, every Wednesday and Saturday night in his personal social networking The platform IG live broadcast. He hopes to provide entertainment to everyone as much as he can during this period, so that everyone can have a relaxing space, relax, and relieve the burden of fighting the epidemic. On the first night, he even made the theme of cheering up medical staff. Singing and laughing, with fans thanking them. 

Jason said frankly that he knew that many people were forced to suspend work due to the epidemic. He also realized that under the epidemic, everyone should stay at home to reduce going out and reduce the chance of being infected, which made him feel depressed and even stressed. As a father, he even more He understands that parents have more worries about contagion to their children, so he hopes to use this Live series to give everyone a relaxing time and relieve stress. "I hope my performance can cheer up medical staff and anti-epidemic workers. I would like to thank them for taking care of their tired bodies, but still persevering to take care of the sick for the people of Hong Kong. Thank you very much! I hope you can relax tonight. Not happy, stressed or depressed, come on!” 

In order to match the theme of this time, Jason publicly collected the words that fans and netizens wanted to give to medical care beforehand, and he read it out on his behalf. Many netizens who watched the live broadcast also left messages to the frontline and logistics medical staff, and the response was enthusiastic. Jason sang "Have Me", "Aerial Photography", "Break Out", "Best Effort Award", "So Duo Yucheng", "Forgive Me Afraid of the Dark", "Half-Photography" and many other new and old songs in the live broadcast For the works, fans are eager to sing songs. With the live accompaniment of musicians, Jason tries his best to meet the fans' requirements. 

In addition to his own works, Jason is open to sing. Although he asked netizens to sing more recent works, he still sang a lot of other people's classic works, including the older Leslie Cheung's "Love for You", "Hearted People", and Jacky Cheung's "Love for You". Your name is my last name, Gu Juji's "Nirvana", Eason Chan's "Tourbillon", Xu Meijing's "Allure", Jay Chou's "Tornado", etc., as well as fellow junior sister Ye Qiaolin Mischa's "Am I Not Difficult Enough" 〉, it's completely random singing K feel! Happy to hear the fans! 

Jason, who has become more and more active in singing, not only sings, but also plays the role of "Uncle Chen", interacting and joking with netizens. He even sat in front of the camera seriously and suddenly stood up to adjust the lights, and suddenly "excuse me", but Fans are very fond of his Freestyle, and they keep leaving messages about themselves, and there is no cold scene throughout the whole process. Jason, who was originally scheduled to sing for half an hour, finally increased the number until he sang for a full hour and a half. He did not forget to promise Fans to see you on Saturday (March 19)! Many fans have left messages expressing their expectations, and they have also decided what songs to sing at that time. 

Chen Boyu "With Me IG Mini Live":