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All eyes are on! born singerA-Lin's new album "LINK" 4/8 streaming platform + physical channel fully released 
<strong>萬眾矚目!天生歌姬</strong><strong>A-Lin全新唱作專輯《LINK》 4/8 串流平台+實體通路 全面發行</strong> 

The most touching love song titled "Chat Chat" MV LINKInternet Dating Topics Create a story more sad than sad 

At the beginning of Hua Deng, "Aji" Xie Qiongnuan was the first powerful rookie, Meng XuantianA-Lin on the same stage100% dramatic tension 

A-Lin BreakthroughscalePresenting the first kiss on the screen, nervous and laughing, Meng Xuan's "successful star chasing" fulfills the fans' wishes 

 The new shape is stunning, half-naked hollow design, the chest extends all the way to the right waist, showing sexy mature beauty and efforts to lose weight 

Born singer A-Lin has been out of action for four years, and finally released today the brand new singing album "LINK", which has been long-awaited by fans around the world. Observation and understanding of the world, conveying "no matter how the world changes, music is the best LINK". The album's strongest title love song "Chat Chat" is A-Lin's collaboration with Zhang Jian Junwei, the creator of the billion-dollar hit "There is a Kind of Sadness", to create a heart-pounding song. The MV is directed by Huang Zhongping, director of the Golden Melody Award for Best MV. A common topic of online dating scams, I invite "A Ji" Xie Qiongnuan, who has recently become popular because of "The First Time in the Light", and Meng Xuan, a talented rookie who has appeared in "The Magician on the Flyover", to play in the same frame as A-Lin. The trio became the LINK with the online world on the album. In the MV, A-Lin broke through the largest scale of personal performance, performed a kiss scene for the first time, and gave the first kiss on the screen for many years after his debut! The overall picture is romantic and beautiful, but A-Lin was very nervous during the filming, and even laughed frequently, making Chu Mengxuan, who played the opposite role, unable to kiss him several times! A-Lin's new sing-along album "LINK" was released on 4/8 on major digital platforms and physical channels; the MV for the title song "Chat Chat" was launched on the same day. 

The MV story of "Chat Chat" is inspired by the Japanese movie "Erica, 38 Forever", because this new album is based on A-Lin's perspective as a 38-year-old woman; it also invites the Golden Bell Award and Asian Television The grand prize winner Xie Qiongnuan and rookie acting talents Meng Xuan and A-Lin performed together. After discussing with director Huang Zhongping, the team decided to combine the frequent online scams and dating themes to show the alienation of modern people. Therefore, Behind the fraud, there is often a lonely soul, which gives the unscrupulous people a chance to take advantage. I hope that everyone will take the initiative to care about the people they love and not be deceived by the illusion of the online world. This is the song "Chat Chat" The message and LINK that the song and MV want to convey. A-Lin, who played the resident singer in the MV, and Xie Qiongnuan were roommates, but Xie Qiongnuan used her photo to make friends on the Internet without A-Lin, and met the young Chu Mengxuan in the process... But the tragedy started from then on and developed into A sadder story than sadness. The MV invited two acting actors, making A-Lin happy to say, "They both acted so well, the MV is really beautiful!" 

A-Lin, who also performed in person this time, broke through the biggest scale since his debut in the "Chat Chat" MV, gave his first kiss on the screen, and staged a blushing kiss scene with Chu Mengxuan, A-Lin exclaimed: "It's very Shy, I want to play the goddess in other people's dreams." Chu Mengxuan on the side replied in seconds: "In reality, A-Lin is also my goddess." This made A-Lin even more shy and nervous, and he laughed frequently during filming, which made him very It's rare to see A-Lin's so nervous staff couldn't help laughing. And Chu Mengxuan also said that he was "successful in chasing stars", and said directly: "I am very happy to be able to shoot an MV with A-Lin, because I usually order A-Lin's songs when I go to KTV. ." Xie Qiongnuan, who performed the essence of a middle-aged woman's loneliness, performed a scene in the MV where she sang and cried, which was naturally vivid and made the audience shout out that she was very good at acting. She said, "I think people's voices and performances will follow suit. With experience and age, the level of hearing will be different.” He also praised this script for being realistic and very interesting. 

In the new album, A-Lin shows a different style of styling, short hair, sexy, and changeable looks are amazing. In the MV of "Chat Chat", A-Lin tried the rare short blonde curly hair in the past, and put it on And the sexy little dress of London designer brand DAVID KOMA that Hollywood actress Anne Hathaway, supermodel Miranda Kerr, singer Kylie Minogue, Rihanna and Beyoncé all love, extending all the way from the chest to the right waist The "half-nude" hollow design of the occasion is extremely bold and sexy. When the stylist was making a dress, he was worried that he would not be able to wear underwear inside, for fear that it would destroy the original sexy design, but A-Lin worked hard to lose weight for the album and successfully managed this. A very difficult dress! 

A-Lin's new album "LINK" will be released on all digital platforms and physical channels on 4/8; the MV of the title song "Chat Chat" will be launched on the same day.