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becomeSpotify "EQUAL Global Music Program" 
<strong>成為</strong><strong>Spotify 「EQUAL Global Music Program」</strong> 

The representative of Hong Kong is as famous as the idol Wei Ruxuan 

Huang Yan hates to sing on the streets of Times Square 

Spotify plans the "EQUAL Global Music Program", and selects different singers every month to contribute to the promotion of women's equal rights. OUR Works (Pingyuan's study) singer-songwriter Huang Yan (Cath) has become the latest Hong Kong representative. Her photos recently It appeared on a giant LED screen in Times Square (Times Square) in Manhattan, New York, USA. Cath couldn't believe it when he heard about it, but admitted that he hoped to sing on the streets of Times Square. 

The "EQUAL Global Music Program" activity originated from a study by Spotify that found that only one female musician appeared in every 5 music units in the music pop charts, large and small. In order to break this difference, Spotify has specially produced a playlist, which includes the works of 35 representative female musicians collected from 50 countries around the world every month, and uses music to convey the power of women and promote equality. women's rights. Cath has recently become a representative of Hong Kong, and her photo has also appeared on a giant LED screen in Times Square (Times Square) in Manhattan, New York, USA. 

Cath was a little unbelievable when she found out, and she frequently asked her colleagues, "Really?!" After she recovered, she said happily, "My idol Wei Ruxuan has been selected as a representative, and she can become a part of the family just like her idols. I'm so happy! It's the relationship between fans and idols~" Cath also said that Spotify's "EQUAL Global Music Program" is very meaningful to her, she explained: "I don't know a lot of people. For this event, I can go to the United States, so that more people know me, and it is good to know that there is a singer-songwriter like me! It is a good thing to introduce different female singers to the world every month. , everyone can get to know many talented female musicians.” 

Cath has never set foot in the United States before, but she can only imagine the shock of her photo being displayed outside Times Square! No wonder she suddenly had a whimsy and said, "I used to spend all day busking on the street. If I had the opportunity to go to Times Square and sing under my own photo, it would be a miraculous thing, but it's extremely busy, plus the epidemic. , This madness can only happen in a dream. I hope that after the epidemic, I can have the opportunity to take pictures in this place where I once existed, all right!"