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Bo ZhilunAlan PoThis year's premiere new work "Birdman" 
<strong>布志綸</strong><strong>Alan Po</strong><strong>本年度首推新作〈飛鳥俠〉</strong> 

new songs andMVNow available! 

Retired superhero returns   defeat evil forces 

special photography elementsMVand8grid comics   echo before and after launch 

Alan robbing the scene is not a joke, saying that he wants to be an actor 

布志綸Alan Po本年度首推新作〈飛鳥俠〉 

After Alan Po released the song "Want to Watch Fireworks with You Again" at the end of last year, the new style of the song and the MV of the end-of-the-century story were well received, fans have been looking forward to the release of new works. This new song composed by Alan and written by Leung Pak-jian will resonate with those who have experienced it, "Speaking of Alan Po, everyone will think that I have been a solo singer for 4 or 5 years since Mr. Ups and downs, my heart will be heard in "Birdman"." Birdman in "Birdman" (Birdman) film has a dedication to his drama creation and art, although no one appreciates it, he has always insisted on doing well himself, and ultimately admirable. "Brigantine said that Birdman's experience was a bit like mine, and he used the story of Birdman as an analogy. There should be a lot of feelings about Hong Kong's big changes, but everyone chose to stay low, and they have to find their own direction and continue to move forward. Whatever the end result is, you have to do what you believe in.” 

It turned out that Alan had already completed his work a while back and was eager for a new song to be released soon. Unfortunately, due to the impact of the epidemic, the MV shooting plan has also been postponed, so he has gone against the tradition and is the first to release the acoustic version of the new song "Bird Man". When the epidemic situation improved, he immediately started to shoot the MV. This time, he once again cooperated with the MV team of "Want to Watch Fireworks with You" again, bringing a story of a past hero who once again came out to police the evil and save the children. At the same time, the Birdman comic was also launched for the song promotion. Alan has put this comic on his social platform to share with everyone. 

The MV filming was also very thoughtful. Director Pixel Ivan added elements of special filming to make this superhero story, "I heard 'The Birdman' and felt very enthusiastic and inspiring, so I came up with the idea of adding special filming elements. But this is not what I am good at, so I hired Leung Chung-man, a director who has few specialties in Hong Kong, to work with me. I was mainly in charge of literary dramas and he was in charge of action scenes. The superhero movie is different. This time, it is more live-action than CG. This time, I also spent a lot of practice and alignment when I played the action stuntman. Because the vision became blurred after wearing the Birdman hood, and this fight The scene was shot with a long lens, so it brought a little challenge in terms of difficulty and skill, and the transformation of Birdman is a special feature of the film. The two of us are also very happy with the finished product, which is very interesting. " 

The director recruited Zhu Qian, a veteran actor who is well-known and a special film fan, to play the protagonist Birdman this time, while Alan and the young actor who played his son are a father and son. Birdman retired but his past grievances attracted evil. Organized to seek revenge, and finally fought bravely to save the children who were taken away by the villain. Alan said, "Zhu Qian is famous for his good acting skills. I think it is very suitable for him to play the role of Birdman. He has always played a more mature role. He also has something in common with Michael Keaton, the protagonist in the movie "The Birdman". , he has a strong taste, and I also know that I am not close enough to him to be close to the role. His performance is really good! I would also like to thank the action actors for their performances, which add a cinematic feel to the MV with action scenes." I can't be the protagonist, but it turns out that Alan, who has not been the protagonist in several consecutive MVs, is very addicted to drama and hopes to have more scenes in the MV. "Originally, the director didn't need me to play too much, but only after I tried my best to give it to me. A small role was arranged, but when I was going to play harder, the director told me not to be too prominent, but it didn’t work out well, and it didn’t work out, haha.” Alan’s performance of singing is also a kind of acting, “I hope There will be more opportunities to act in the future. I want to be an actor too!” 

布志綸Alan Po本年度首推新作〈飛鳥俠〉 

The MV for "Birdman" is also in the same vein as the song, "The Birdman in the MV has retired and wants to live a normal life. Even if he encounters injustice, he wants to swallow his voice, feeling that it has nothing to do with himself; but those who are capable will hold back. I can’t stop the fire in my heart. Sometimes when I do something, it may not have immediate results. The important thing is that people are watching the sky, using their own abilities to focus on the right things and helping others.” Although Alan said that he is not very capable, he also helped his classmates in middle school, "When someone is bullied, I will not stand by and watch, I don't want the other person to feel lonely, but when I stand up for the other person, I will also be beaten. I don't think this approach is heroic, just do what normal people should do." The song also wants everyone to pay more attention to things in different eras, "Now that information is developed, everyone is pursuing new things, but there are also many people in different eras working hard. His dedication, like Birdman, he was a hero, even after he retired, he still has an influence on the next generation, and it is the people of the past who make us who we are today.” 

What is worth noting and not to be missed is that there is an Easter egg at the end of the MV, that is, Alan is once again a news anchor like "Want to Watch Fireworks with You", but because Alan felt that his makeup was not enough like the reporter asked for a reshoot, now It's the second version out. Alan is very fond of the MV venue, "When the news reporter segment was filmed on a green screen under the flyover where gangs gathered in the MV, the interesting thing is that I think the place is very suitable for BBQ." It can be seen how greedy Alan is.