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Born SongJiA-Lin is about to release a new album after four years  
<strong>天生歌</strong><strong>姬</strong><strong>A-Lin睽違四年即將發行全新專輯 </strong> 

Release the love song masterpiece "My Resentment"   Full digital launch 

Hundreds of millions of box office director Yin Zhenhao crafts MV to create high-profile mini-movies  

Golden Horse's best art team creates a new dark aesthetic 

Women become self-improvement A-Lin challenges "Divorce Club" The host conveys the concept of "Girls don't lose face in divorce"  

Golden Horse shortlist affirms Chen Tingni's first challenge to pretend to be a cool and handsome female killer  

The low temperature alarm does not affect the superb performance 

After AdmiraltyWuYi Rong's powerful actor Chen Jiakui joins the show  

A-Lin said: Thank you all for helping to gild <My Resentment> 

Born singer A-Lin is about to release a new album after four years, and then release the love song "My Resentment", which is a LINK between the album and the society. His works describe the journey of lovers from falling in love to killing each other when love turns into resentment, singing about women's entanglement and awakening, and Diablo expounding women's dignity and sorrow in intimate relationships. The MV for "My Resentment" was directed by the billion-dollar box office director Yin Zhenhao, who directed the movie "When Men Are in Love", and invited Chen Tingni, who was nominated for the Golden Horse Award and the Golden Bell Award, and Wu Yirong and Chen Jiakui, who were nominated for the Golden Horse Award and the Golden Bell Award. , showcasing her acting skills, especially Chen Tingni's first time as a female killer. The emotional transition is huge, making the whole MV full of dramatic tension, and A-Lin also joined the drama lineup. The lively and funny A-Lin makes the staff laugh! She also said that what shocked her about this MV was that she was able to watch Chen Tingni, Wu Yirong and Chen Jiakui perform in front of her. It’s worth watching, this MV is inlaid with gold, golden horses and golden bells are here to bless it!” 

The MV of "My Resentment" describes a "divorce club" opened by women. A-Lin plays the cold club manager, who provides professional divorce services, and will do whatever it takes to achieve his mission. In order to make this empty world more dark aesthetic concept, director Yin Zhenhao invited the best art team of last year's Golden Horse Awards to create a "divorce club" full of dark nightclub style. Through this MV, I hope to combine what is happening all over the world in recent years. the phenomenon of divorce, using the song "I Resent" as a link with social topics, and to encourage more women who are unhappy in their marriages to listen to their inner voice and have more courage to let them understand "divorce" It's not a shameful thing" and the modern female concept of "Women should be self-improvement"! 

After the director Yin Zhenhao finished thinking about the story of the MV for "My Resentment", he thought that Chen Tingni, who was nominated for the Golden Horse Award for the second time, was the most suitable for acting as the female killer in the MV. The female killer did not blink at first for the purpose of achieving the client's divorce, but finally found out that She was also forced to divorce... The emotional turning point was huge, and Chen Tingni really lived up to expectations. From the original super-killing and cold look to the helplessness, reluctance, and fragility she revealed after knowing it, it evolved into the final sense of relief. However, on the day of the filming, Taipei suffered the strongest cold snap since the beginning of the winter. The dedicated Chen Tingni filmed the entire location under low temperature conditions, and even had to lie directly on the wet and cold parking lot floor for a long time to perform. The cold snap was really cold, and I was wearing two heat-generating clothes inside!" During the filming, she was fully engaged, and the performance surprised everyone on the set. She also said that this was the first time she played a killer and held a gun for the first time. "Physically and emotionally, there were many intense challenges, and I had a lot of fun myself." In addition, it was the first time for Admiral Wu Yirong and Chen Jiakui to shoot an MV. To help enter the movie, it is necessary to quickly grasp the role and enter the situation immediately. It is very important for the actors to help each other. A-Lin on the side listened and smiled and said, "Today, all of you are helping me! It makes the MV even more exciting!" 

A-Lin's latest single "My Resentment" is fully available on digital platforms 

The official YouTube channel of the MV was launched on the same day