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New Pai Taiwan Song "When the Plague Spreads in Love" 

Encourage love after breakup 

Au Zilin (Paula) filmed MV to recall the history of trauma and help into the play 

According to the content of the song, Deon Wong, who had directed the MVs of Yellow! "A Moment Together", JW "Escape Door" and Hong Jiahao's "Self-Question and Answers", was hired for this MV. Paula was very excited when she found out, because this is her dream director. I really like the works that the other party has directed. The MV for "When the Plague Spreads in Love" was conceived to tell that Paula fell in love with a bunny, but the bunny was the source of the plague. Paula knew that there might not be a good outcome, but she still took care of the bunny very tenderly and carefully. Paula pointed out that the production team conceived this story, and there are some very warm scenes in the picture, which reminded her of herself in the history of sadness. For Paula, who is a newcomer, this has helped her to enter the play and she can act more easily. However, Paula also thanked the team for their assistance, which made her perform well. She said, "I am a weak performer myself, but the director They all gave me their opinions, and Zhong had the actor who played Rabbit, we were very hot during the filming on the mountain, but he had no complaints, I am really grateful to them, so that the filming could be so smooth.” 

Compared with the last MV of "What to Be Afraid of", the MV of "When the Plague Spreads in Love" is completely different in layout and style, so Paula's makeup is obviously different, and it also allows her to try a lot of new styles. Things, this taught her very unforgettable!