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Invincible GoddessVivian Xu Ruoxuan 5/7 "VIVILAND"Taipei Arena Concert Unleash the spirit of invincibility 
<strong>不敗女神</strong><strong>Vivian徐若瑄 5/7「VIVILAND」</strong><strong>台北小巨蛋演唱會</strong><strong> </strong><strong>全面揮灑不敗精神</strong> 

beautiful3DVision again The undefeated goddess fights herself against herself A symbol of Vivian's unremitting efforts always surpass yourself 

handsomeVivianStand on the meteorite of your own music universe and prepare for the battle with all your strength Intensive rehearsal 

All walks of life are constantly announcing that there are 7 guests in the concert, laughing and saying that there are men and women 

Vivian Hsu, the undefeated goddess, has recently entered the last month for the "VIVILAND" Taipei Arena concert on 5/7. She has started an intensive sprint rehearsal schedule. A few days ago, she posted a rehearsal article in the community, and the lead singer of Mayday, Ashin, responded. I ordered a bunch of songs that I wanted to listen to, which made the fans on both sides excited. Vivian also said happily, "I'll sing it all for everyone!" Announced the last 3D vision of "Undefeated Goddess Square". In the picture, Vivian wearing a fiery red steel V dress and Vivian wearing an improved Western sword steel battle suit face to face with a Western sword. The idea of this picture is from Xiang. Vivian's representative work "Love fiercely" MV pays tribute. In the MV, she is handsomely waving a Western sword, fluttering her long flowing hair, and showing a beautiful face. The picture has reached countless fans, and it has become popular for a while and has become a visual Inspiration for pictures! And Vivian is well-known in the entertainment industry, and people from all walks of life kept pounding on the bowl to guess which good friend was her concert guest. She finally let go and revealed: "This time, a total of 7 guests will be on the small dome together!" And Each guest will have a different form of cooperation in the past, hoping to bring fans an unforgettable musical feast. 

Not only does it make fans feel new in the sense of hearing, but Vivian Xu Ruoxuan has repeatedly broken through the limitations visually, giving everyone more room for imagination. In the latest 3D visual map of the concert, the bright and bright sky and seven-color rainbow are set off. The rainbow not only represents The ancestral spirits of the aborigines will be transformed into rainbows to protect the clansmen, which also symbolizes that Vivian has believed in "love is simple" from the past to now, and that everyone is equal in the face of love. On the chessboard, two Vivians are playing against each other, conveying that she is always competing with herself, constantly surpassing herself, and fighting unremittingly! The overall warm, energetic and dynamic atmosphere also highlights Vivian's unique steel invincibility spirit. Her undefeated spirit extends to another live-action version of the visual. With her long hair, she wears a black and white patterned suit and all-black leather boots, standing cool and handsome on her music universe meteorite, representing the There are even more different aspects in her music universe, which will be fully presented at the "VIVILAND Concert". 

For the 5/7 life's first large-scale ticketing concert in Taipei Arena, Vivian Xu Ruoxuan lined up all the work and concentrated on preparations, from singing, dancing, physical training to ordering Modeling, busy and fulfilling, but all walks of life are full of curiosity about the content of Vivian's first performance, constantly guessing and looking forward to the repertoire, guests and styles, etc. Facing the constant knocking on the bowl from the outside world, she finally let go and revealed that this concert There were as many as 7 guests, which shows Vivian's good popularity in the entertainment industry. All the star friends joined together to support Vivian, so she was very grateful and said, "I am very happy to have my good friends in music, who are the first in my life. Create unforgettable memories with the audience at the Little Arena concert." As for whether the names of the guests can be announced? She smiled and said, "I can only say that there are men and women!" Please come to the scene to know, and carefully arrange for each guest to have a wonderful cooperation that is different from the past. She said, "I want to give everyone the best performance. The show, it’s probably the kind of splendid that you’ll regret not watching!” 

5/7 "Xi Ruoxuan VIVILAND Tour Concert" Taipei Arena has a small number of tickets released from time to time, please contact: KKTIX