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The red line of "Yue Lao" leads from South Korea to Japan! 

The year's number one single "If You Can" Launches Japanese Version 

Wei Lian WeiBird Across Languages! Japanese gentle and touching singing 

The blockbuster "Yue Lao", which was released at the box office within two weeks of last year's release, was released in major cinemas in South Korea in February this year, setting off the topic; now it has once again signed the red line to Japan! "Tsuki Lao" will be screened at United Cinemas AQUA CiTY Odaiba in Japan for a limited period of three days from 4/22 to 4/24. Wei Lian was very happy and excited when he learned that the film was going to be released in Japan, and I was looking forward to this film in Japan. Reaction. As the popularity of the "Yue Lao" movie continues unabated, and the red line of Yue Lao is drawn to the world, Wei Li'an's amazing language talent has created another cross-language, moving reappearance, and launched "Akai Ito (If Possible - Japanese Version)", Pass this fate to all parts of the world. 

This time, "Akaichi (if possible-Japanese version)" invited Fujii Mayu of AKB48 Team TP to fill in the Japanese words. Mayu learned that she received this task and exclaimed that it was an incredible fate! Because she likes the song "If You Can" very much. In order to fill in the lyrics, she has a good level of Chinese. She also carefully checked the Chinese dictionary to understand the meaning of Chinese word by word, and then transformed it into Japanese artistic conception. The Japanese tone injects a fresh and warm atmosphere into this song; the Japanese version is performed by Shawn Shangrong as the vocal producer, and the lyricist Mayu Fujii sings in Japanese together. Shawn Shangrong said that this song is too difficult to sing, he only sang it. It took 8 hours to record the Japanese guide. The original singer Wei Li'an really sang amazingly; and Wei Li'an collaborated with Shawn Shangrong for the first time. I am very grateful to Shawn Shangrong for always encouraging him, saying that his Japanese pronunciation is very good, but I was thinking Really? Are you sure you don't have to do it again? Constant self-demand to achieve perfection. 

Wei Li'an described that when the Korean version was recorded last time, he recorded with producer JerryC and Korean vocal teacher Oliver Kim Kim Dong-hyun and three stinky boys. Because the lyricist, Mayu, added a feminine atmosphere at the recording site. At first, when he produced "If You Can", he thought about the Japanese style. This time, there is no sense of violation in Japanese. The whole song is full of Japanese tenderness; the last Korean version described It's "Blindfolded, riding a unicycle and juggling three balls", this time the Japanese version has three Japanese-speaking staff members participating in the singing together. This time the Japanese version is like "riding a unicycle on a rope" to complete the recording like a needle felt. 

The song "If You Can" has created many No. 1s. In addition to No. 1 in the charts, it is the first time that Wei Li'an has sung in languages other than Chinese and English. After singing the Chinese, Korean, and Japanese versions one after another, Wei Li'an laughed and said no. There will be other language versions. This time the Japanese version is considered to be a complete success. He has a song that can have three versions in Chinese, Korean and Japanese at the same time.